Creating Rugby Opportunities, and more, on a Global Scale

March 12, 2021

Pedro “the Chilean Dream” Hernandez, an Irish mate, is the founder of Rugby Para Todos Chile Foundation, a “sport for development and peace” non-profit organization. Pedro recently presented to the Commission for Social Development of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile on the foundation’s mission, goals, achievements and challenges for the coming years, for children in situations of social vulnerability.

Pedro Hernandez presenting to the Chilean Chamber of Deputies – Commission for Social Development

He also presented on the social public policy “Rugby Para Todos” (translation: Rugby for all) initiative in public schools. This is an initiative the foundation has been leading and working on with the education and sport ministries of the Chilean government since May 2019.

Pedro’s presentation was the first of five that he will be giving in the upcoming weeks on these topics.

Sneak Peak of presentation

The foundation has three primary goals:

  • For 1 million Chilean public school children to be exposed to rugby by 2023
  • For rugby to become the fifth traditional sport taught in Chilean public schools – a goal which Hernandez hopes to accomplish by 2030
  • To empower, through rugby, the next generations of girls and boys who are considered “vulnerable and at risk of social exclusion” due to the economic factors governing Chilean Public Schools

To begin accomplishing these goals, the RPT Chile Foundation is leading coaching clinics using Rugby Para Todos methodology to educate over 800 PE teachers nation-wide.

You can read more about the mission here.

Congrats again to the Irish’s “Chilean Dream”, and thank you for promoting the benefits of Rugby worldwide.

Keep up the amazing work, Pedro!